Enhanced Block Definitions

Installing / upgrading within Stencyl

  1. In Stencyl's menu bar, click Extensions > Get Extensions.

  2. Enable external repositories if needed, and add the http://www.polydes.com/repo repository.

  3. Install "Enhanced Block Definitions".

    http://www.polydes.com/repo - toolset extensions
    Enhanced Block Definitions (Justin Espedal)
    Adds to engine extension's block definition capabilities.

Manual Installation

  1. Download the desired version from the versions page.
  2. In Stencyl's menu bar, navigate to Tools > View Folder > Workspace Folder.
  3. Extract com.polydes.blockdefs.jar from the downloaded .zip file, and move it into the extensions folder in the Stencyl workspace.
  4. stencylworks/
  5. Close Stencyl and open it again.