Local Attributes

Installing / upgrading within Stencyl

  1. In Stencyl's menu bar, click Extensions > Get Extensions.

  2. Enable external repositories if needed, and add the http://www.polydes.com/repo repository.

  3. Install "Local Attributes".

    http://www.polydes.com/repo - engine extensions
    Local Attributes (Justin Espedal)
    Provides blocks for working with event-local attributes.

Manual Installation

  1. Download the desired version from the versions page.
  2. In Stencyl's menu bar, navigate to Tools > View Folder > Workspace Folder.
  3. Extracting the downloaded .zip file will result in a com.polydes.localattrs folder that contains info.txt, among other files. Move that folder into the engine-extensions folder in the Stencyl workspace.
  4. Close Stencyl and open it again.